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Overview Of The ChatGPT Revolution and What it Means For You And Your Financial Survival

Uncover the transformative power of ChatGPT and how it opens up endless opportunities for individuals like you to create profitable online ventures.


Commercial Authorship Business

​Learn how you can leverage ChatGPT to generate engaging and compelling written content, kickstarting your commercial authorship business.


Ghostwriting Service Business 

​Discover how ChatGPT can enable you to become a ghostwriter extraordinaire, capturing the voices and visions of others in your ghostwriting service.


Language Translation Service

Unlock the potential of ChatGPT in breaking down language barriers and offering accurate translations, fueling your language translation service.


Freelancing For Profits Business

You will learn at least 7 Simple Skills you can offer as a self-employed freelancing professional in the international marketplace including GRAPHICS DESIGN, LOGO CREATION; PROOFREADING; TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES; PROOF READING; PROMO VIDEO CREATION, EDITING; VOICEOVERS ETC


Grant Writing Business

​Unlock the potential of ChatGPT in helping you write persuasive grant proposals, positioning your grant writing service for success.


Info Marketing Business

We will cover a narrow sub-niche in this wide niche and teach you undercover strategies for creating, publishing and profiting from your own commercial eBook in 7 Days Or Less even if you have no talent as a writer.


Affiliate Marketing Business

You will learn how to become a self-employed affiliate marketer selling other people's products all over the world for 50% commission or more on every sale.


Profitable Blogging Business

Tap into the power of ChatGPT to produce captivating blog posts, positioning yourself as a go-to resource in the professional blogging industry


Mobile Apps Agency Business

Mobile Apps business is one of the hottest in the world right now. In this session, you will learn how to create Mobile Apps for different industries and different purposes, in less than 24 hours, with zero technical skills.


Social Media Management Business

Learn how to become self-employed by leveraging on social Media Monetization Skill-set within 24 hours, how to make money on social media, and how to monetize your audience.


Blogging For Profits Business

Learn how to become self-employed by leveraging on social Media Monetization Skill-set within 24 hours, how to make money on social media, and how to monetize your audience.


Online Tutoring Business

Harness the power of ChatGPT to create engaging and personalized learning experiences, fueling your online tutoring business

STAGE II: Onboarding On Freelancing Sites

Be Part Of A Community Committed To Helping You Financial Breakthrough Through Practical Digital Skills Empowerment .

  • ​​​We will provide participants with ongoing coaching, training, and mentorship on our Facebook mastermind group, and other sites to help them position themselves to get jobs from these sites from global employers.
  • ​After attending the Netpreneur Apprentice Bootcamp Session we will NEVER leave you hanging! Everyone needs ongoing help as they strive to build a sustainable online business, Business360 Success Club in collaboration with American Internet Business School (AIBS) has got you covered through that phase with our double programs for ongoing mentorship for our Alumni.

Join The Business360 Whatsapp Community For Ongoing Mastermind.

The forum is the place participants congregate and interact for ongoing Business Development, Coaching, Networking, Mentorship, and self-development in the digital workplace.

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Join The Daily 'Business360 Hangout' On GistHouse App

We have Daily Business360 Club Hangouts on The GistHouse Audio App to answer your questions as you build your own online business. [Download GistHouse App on App stores and join our community]

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About The Organizers & The Sponsors.

The Netpreneur Apprentice Bootcamp Program is a free collaborative program conceived by Dr. Ope Banwo and organized by Business360 Club in collaboration with Naija Lives Matter, To Put Millions Of Nigerians To Work In the Global Digital Marketplace. This 21-Day Bootcamp is sponsored by GistHouse App.

Dr Ope Banwo [The Convener]

Attorney, Techpreneur, Philanthropist

Dr. Ope Banwo is a Techpreneur, Attorney, & Motivational Speaker. He is the Founder/Chairman of GistHouse; Ceo, Mobisoft360 Inc; Ceo, Netpreneur360 Inc; Founder, of American Internet Business School; and the Creator of the Funnelmatic Funnel Builder among others. In the last few years, Dr. Ope has created, co-created, and launched several successful business productivity tools including Gisthouse, Mobimatic, Funnelmatic, Designa, 360Apps, Voicematic, etc. Some of his best-selling books on Digital Business include Confessions of A Guru Wannabe; The Netpreneur Manifesto; Digital Business Goldmines; The 12 Commandments Of Digital Marketing; ChatGPT Business Goldmines; and much more available on different global bookstores.
Dr. Ope is passionately involved in empowering disadvantaged youths in Africa through his flagship USA-based Nonprofit NGOs: Naija Lives Matter NGO, and Ghetto Dreamz International.

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Business360 Club [The Organizer]

[A Nigerian-Focused Non-Governmental Organization Committed to a Better Life For All Nigerians]

Founded by Dr. Ope Banwo, A USA Based Nigerian Born Attorney in 2015, Naija Lives Matter is dedicated to highlighting and commenting on burning issues affecting Nigeria, particularly in critical areas such as Government; Politics; Economy; Business; Religion; Entertainment, and Law.
The primary focus of our training and empowerment activities is the youths of Nigeria because we passionately believe that only financially, emotionally and politically liberated youths can bring about the positive changes we all desire in Nigeria.

GistHouse Audio App [The Sponsor]

[The Afrocentric Audio Conversation App that rewards YOU for having great conversations with strangers, friends, and business associates all over the world ]

Gisthouse Audio App is Africa's answer to Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces with some amazing tweaks. Gisthouse Audio App is a global app that focuses on the African experience. With The GistHouse Audio-Conversation app, you can engage with millions of people around the World, at any time and anywhere and get compensated for it. Apart from compensating you with free cryptocurrency just for creating your account, the free app comes with an inbuilt Referral feature that compensates you for inviting your friends to Gist. You also enjoy some industry-exclusive In-App Monetization for your conversations on the app. You can download GISTHOUSE on Google Playstore and IOS Appstore.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Is This Fish-For-life Empowerment Program For Me Or Not?

This is for anyone interested in learning how to become self-employed on the internet or who want to start their own digital business on the internet regardless of previous experience or education level.

This is NOT for those who looking for get-rich-quick schemes; or those looking for Push-button success; or Shining objects with no substance; or those who would not act on what they learn

Will There Be Handouts And Recordings Of The Event?

There will be recordings of the event made available to paid members. So to ensure you get the recordings and ongoing interactions with other members, you need to sign up for the Gold package.

Who are going to be the trainers for this Diploma Course?

All trainers at the American Internet Business School sourced by Naija Lives Matter are certified international trainers and practicing Netpreneurs themselves. So this will not just be theoretical training but very practical. You will only learn what you can put into practice immediately.

What Is the training Format for The Digital Business Bootcamp ?

This will a total learning experience to help participants maximize the benefits of the Bootcamp Event. The format will include daily LIVE Online training Sessions; Follow-up Mentorship after the live sessions, Practical Demonstrations; Practical Assignments; Role Plays; Live Testimonials; Q AND A, and Vision casting by organizers